Level 1 Coach, USA Powerlifting Club Coach, USA Weightlifting, Advanced Sports Performance Coach, National Strength and Conditioning CPT, Licensed Massage Therapist / State of Florida MA87774

Grew up in South Louisiana, was a 5 sport athlete in High School, and multi-sport athlete in college. Attended University of Louisiana at Lafayette where he studied Exercise Science and Athletic Training. Found his love for Helping others through sports performance and corrective exercise while working at the University’s rec center. After Graduating from massage school, he began to incorporate more soft tissue work into his practice to help keep clientele moving to the best of their abilities.  First Started CrossFit in 2010, loving the fact that it combined all the areas of fitness that he was currently involved in. Main goals as a coach are to ensure proper form and promote efficient movement. 

"A body in motion tends to stay in motion" -Sir Isaac Newton.  

A Healthy Body and Healthy mind are keys to a healthy life. Come let us help you with part of the equation so that you may find the other.