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Starting  MONDAY Jan 18th, 2021!!


Welcome to WaterSide’s 2021 Nutrition Challenge. This challenge is 30 days long. (Begins Jan 18th - Ends on Feb 17th). Through

this challenge our coaches will guide you to a sustainable lifestyle. We will help guide you to fueling your body properly. You will

learn to build great habits that carry on you into the future. And you will learn to control what you can when things are out of

your control.

If you are stressed about how to stay on top of your nutrition and your fitness regimen know that you are not alone. This is

exactly why we created this 30 days challenge to help you stay positive and accountable through life. 


What is included:

**Macronutrients Prescription

Learn how to follow your calorie intake

Learn how to have a flexible diet

Learn about food and how to make wise choices

Workout (In the gym or at home)

Zero equipment needed or full gym access (there are two options per day) 

Morning Cardio

High intensity fitness

Bodyweight + lifting


**Weekly Habits 

Stay accountable via our app design just for this challenge

Daily tasks

Macros are more flexible while limited to food during this 

Set daily small goal 

Keep moving forward

Stay accountable to small achievable goal everyday 



1st Place – 1 monthly unlimited membership FREE at CrossFit WaterSide  (online or in gym) + 1 month WaterSide nutrition

membership FREE


Who is this for?

All ages


This is encouraged to have all members of the family participate.

Nutrition + workout for the entire Family

Challenge your friend at distance 

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