Cancellation Policy


No refunds shall be made for services purchased.


Month-to-Month Membership Agreements: Monthly payment by credit card, or cash per the guidelines of the Agreement. Each month, the monthly payment is charged to the client's credit card, or deducted from the client's account on the day the client joins Crossfit Waterside. If the client’s card or account is declined for monthly payment, the client is responsible for a $25 chargeback fee.


Month-to-Month Membership Agreement: The client acknowledges that the Month-to-Month Membership Agreement will be automatically renewed upon expiration. Each term shall begin the day following the previous expiration date and shall continue, in perpetuity, until such time as the client follows the necessary cancellation process.


Month-to-Month Membership Agreement: The client may terminate the Month-to-Month Membership Agreement, without penalty with 30 days advance written notice. Written notice stating that you, the client, is canceling this Month-to-Month Membership Agreement, must be submitted via email to

Month-to-Month Membership Agreement: The client may only terminate the Month-to-Month, without penalty, by reason of death or disability. If the client is unable to receive all Crossfit Waterside services for which the client has contracted, the client and its estate shall be relieved from the obligation of making payment for services other than those received or obligated prior to death or the onset of disability (subject to signed physician's note regarding the nature of the disability). Written notice accompanied by a signed physician's note must be sent to Crossfit Waterside via email ( or by certified mail within three (3) days of requested termination date.