3 CrossFit Orlando Inspired Workouts You Can Do at Home with the Kids

Wed, Dec 16, 2020 at 4:03PM

3 CrossFit Orlando Inspired Workouts You Can Do at Home with the Kids

This time of year, we’re likely spending a lot of time binge-watching holiday movies on the couch or gathered around the kitchen island decorating cookies with the kids. And while these are all great activities to enjoy with your family, if you’re looking for some more active hobbies to enjoy with your kiddos, check out these 3 kid-friendly workouts to enjoy at home that are CrossFit Orlando approved!


Cardio: The Floor is Lava


The goal of this workout is to try and keep your feet off the ground for as long as possible — because the floor is lava of course! Scatter some throw pillows or blankets across the room. These are the dry islands. Start a timer for 30 seconds and start with some quick high knees. Don’t let those feet stay on the ground for too long! Once the time is up, run to the nearest dry island to stay safe from the lava! Once everyone makes it to a dry island, start over. Repeat this game with jumping jacks and squat jumps until the kiddos (and you) need a break!


Strength: Superheros Only


This one’s for all our superheroes out there! Encourage your kids to show off their superhero muscles with this fun activity. You may want to enjoy this strength relay race in the yard or a larger room. You’ll need some cones or another form of place markers (cups or pillows work, too). Create two lines, setting out three cones a few feet apart, then a flag (or towel) at the end of each line. From the starting line, crab walk to the first cone. At the first cone, your children should do three pushups then crab walk to the next cone. At the second cone, your children should do five situps or crunches then crab walk to the next cone. At the last cone, your children should do five squats then sprint to the flag. Whoever grabs the flag first saves the city from the evil villain!


Stretch: A Trip to the Farm


After enjoying those first two activities, take a trip to the farm to cool down and impersonate some of your kids’ favorite animals! You won’t need any equipment for this one — just a childlike spirit! During your trip to the farm, stop by the cows first with some cat-cow poses. This will stretch those back muscles and start to slow down the heartbeat. Next, stop by the butterfly garden with some butterfly stretches. Up next, check out the chicken coup. Don’t forget to reach down and grab some eggs with those toe touches. Finally, top off the trip by reaching for the Sun to stretch out those shoulders and arms.


Hopefully, these silly exercises are a fun way for you and your kids to spend some quality time together while getting those heart rates up! While these workouts are likely to get your blood pumping, too, whenever you’re ready for a visit to your favorite Orlando CrossFit gym, don’t forget about our child play areas! At CrossFit Waterside, we know parenthood can be tough sometimes, but we’re here to help in any way we can!

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