How to Get a Great Workout at Home

Fri, May 01, 2020 at 3:55PM

How to Get a Great Workout at Home

In times of crisis or personal stress, it can be difficult to keep your focus on fitness. However, you know that working out every day is the key to keeping yourself grounded, feeling your best, and being ready to face whatever the world can throw at you.

They say while you can’t control everything in life, you can “adjust your sails” and find new and innovative ways to keep your gains — even when you’re house-bound or otherwise unable to keep your normal routine. Here’s how to get a great workout at home:

Remember Your Training

Sometimes it’s best to simply shift your perspective and come at things from a new direction. This way, you can maintain your progress and maybe even see some new gains. So, you might check out streaming or video workouts. You could even text or teleconference with a friend to get ideas for new techniques you might not have previously considered.

The main idea is that now’s the ideal moment to rise above challenges and prove to yourself and the world that you’re a warrior who can handle any situation, no matter how stressful or complicated it might be.  

Change Things Up

You may already be trying innovative ways to stay fit outside. This is good for your physical well-being, but also mental and emotional health. Try hiking with a heavy backpack. Or, bring your dog along and attempt to keep pace for an intensive session.

You could also focus on a non-body goal. That might be boosting your energy, stretching your focus throughout the day, or other personal achievement. Keep in mind that your workouts should still feature a warmup, intense activity, and cooldown/stretching period. Try to keep things as normal as possible during this transitional time.

Stay Focused

Maybe some of your friends are having trouble sheltering in place. They might be staying up into the wee hours, sleeping late into the day, and even over-eating. You can avoid that trap by keeping the focus on all the things you most want to accomplish. Instead of a roadblock, view this time as a challenge that you can and will overcome.

If you don’t have free weights at home, there are many bodyweight exercises that will help you stay motivated with each workout. You might even keep some of these ideas in the rotation when you’re able to return to your normal routine.

Reach Out for Support

At CrossFit WaterSide, we’re a family. This is about much more than just working out. It’s a commitment to yourself, investment in your future, and making a real connection with like-minded individuals who — just like you — push themselves to the limit each and every day.

Even if you’re completely new to CrossFit, our highly-trained coaches will work with you to get you up to speed in no time. If you’re an experienced athlete, you’ll still benefit from our modern equipment, intense challenges, variety of wellness options, on-site store, and other amenities. Browse our website for more motivation and resources. Then, contact us today to discover how you can become the very best you possible.

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