Making Workouts At Home Fun!

Tue, Apr 28, 2020 at 9:56AM

Making Workouts At Home Fun!

Yesterday we talked about habits. And really as I go about my morning, I am noticing more and more habits. The habits I had pre-quarantine are different than the ones I have during quarantine.

Mealtimes are different, work is different, family time is different, and workouts are different. But that doesn’t mean we can’t create great habits and to strive towards quality of life. Early in the month we talked about trying to keep your daily routine the same as possible. But, for some of us that really isn’t realistic. Let us try to help in one way, and that is to make your workouts enjoyable and fun to do.


Take Part In A Special Event!

We know we cannot do this now, but we can plan and prepare for the future. Such as “Murph”. Memorial Day is right around the corner and as most CrossFit gyms participate in the Hero WOD know as “Murph”, we can have a goal in mind that prepares us for this long workout honoring a fallen soldier.


How To Prepare:

We have offered the #WaterSideChallenges to help with endurance that goes hand in hand with the workout. You can participate in your own challenges or create group challenges such as 50 push-ups per day for 30 days. Be creative when it comes to preparing, enjoy the process and enjoy the quality of life.


Workout With A Friend

Friends make everything better! Even a workout routine you already love. Invite a friend to a zoom call with you while you both do your workout, a yoga session, or go out for an enjoyable jog together. You can both also join us in our live sessions on zoom. This way you are both taking the class together. This helps with accountability and also makes the workouts as similar to being in the gym together as possible. The community is one part that we all love so why not be as much a part as the group as possible!


Enjoy Some Healthy Competition

Okay, we all love competition, right? Come on, this is why we all do CrossFit, to prove to your buddy you can do more pull-ups then him. Haha, not exactly but close. To mix things up a bit in quarantine, try a healthy competition such as who can do the most push-ups unbroken, or who can get a pistol first, or who can run a mile the fastest?  Ever since we were kids, we’ve been testing each other with healthy, on-the-spot competition, and that doesn’t need to stop today. Turning your fitness routine into a game can make it all the more enjoyable when you need a good way to mix things up.


Exercise Like A Kid

If you are quarantined with your family, embrace your inner child with the same exercises you enjoyed as a kid! Coach Kristen coached a class on games to play during quarantine during the first week we were home. Head to CrossFit WaterSide’s YouTube channel and check out the games she recommends. Some fun games outside are hopscotch, dodgeball, or even a good-old-fashioned game of tag are all great ways to infuse your fitness routine with carefree fun. And we could all use some of that! Now, get outside and go play!



Find Cinematic Inspiration

Over the years, we’ve seen great feats of fitness in the movies, perhaps none more famous than Rocky and his run up the Philadelphia Museum of Art stairs! If you’re a movie buff and fitness fanatic, combine your two passions. Try a workout inspired by your favorite fitness montage scenes in the movies!

We would love to see this, so if you do partake in this type of workout, please video yourself and send to us or tag us in your post! This has to be one great workout!


Create A Personal Playlist

The right music can make all the difference! Have some fun putting together a personal playlist of music that makes you feel like dancing, or up-tempo tunes that serve as the perfect backdrop to long runs. You can make a different playlist for every mood or exercise. Maybe you have a Monday playlist, and my all-time favorite is Sunday Country. If you come up with a playlist that is on FIRE, share it with our Spotify account and once we re-open we will put it on the list of tunes to play!


Mix Up Your Workout

Mixing up your workout by cycling through different exercises, just like we are doing with the home workouts. If you feel like you are doing to many squats, mix it up! Add a can of paint to your squat to make it a goblet squat, or overhead squat, what about overhead lunges. You decided! It’s your workout! Mixing it up helps make your routine more fun and enjoyable all while giving you a new challenge to look forward to every day.


Whoever said fitness couldn’t be fun, has never been to CrossFit WaterSide! Our community is all about embracing the fun and friendship that go hand in hand with fitness. Join us in our live classes to discover our one-of-a-kind experience for yourself.

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