4 Family-Friendly Summer Workouts That Beat The Heat

Wed, Aug 04, 2021 at 1:04PM

4 Family-Friendly Summer Workouts That Beat The Heat

One thing’s for sure – it gets HOT in Florida, especially in the summertime. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! As your top Lake Mary CrossFit gym, we love staying active outdoors as much as possible. And if you’re looking for a way to enjoy some physical activity while beating the heat, we’re naming our favorite outdoor (and cool!) workouts that your whole family can enjoy together. Read on for 4 fun, family-friendly ways to stay active and cooled off the summer! 


Water Balloon Challenge

There’s nothing like a good ole classic water balloon fight to get that blood pumping! Plus, it’s a great source of cardio. Whether it’s a team relay race using water balloons or an every-man-for-themselves water balloon fight in the yard, grab the garden hose and some colorful water balloons, and get ready for an exciting summer day!


Swim Exercises

Swimming is a great exercise that is easy on the joints and wonderful for a hot summer day! Whether it’s in the community pool or a day at the lake, try out some swimming exercises with the kiddos for a great family-friendly workout. Whether it’s seeing who can swim the most laps around the pool or seeing who that fastest is when swimming out to the dock and back, don’t be afraid to jump on in!


Sprinkler Sprints

What better way to beat the heat than with some fresh, fun sprinklers? And we think that calls for a little friendly competition, too! See who can sprint across the yard, dodging the spray the fastest. Or grab a frisbee and play some slippery ultimate frisbee in the yard while the sprinklers are going strong. 


Water Sports

Many people head out to the lake or beach on a hot summer day, and we’re not here to stop you! A great way to get some physical activity while enjoying a lake day or beach day with the family is through water sports! Water sports may be a lot of fun, but they also work a lot more muscles than you probably think. From water skiing and wakeboarding to tubing and surfing, there are so many ways to enjoy an active summer day! 


Don’t miss out on the beautiful Florida sunshine this summer by only doing workouts indoors! There are so many ways to get active outside and still beat the heat. Plus, these workouts make for the perfect family fun day! No matter how you choose to stay healthy and active this summer, your favorite Lake Mary CrossFit gym is here to help you be successful in your fitness journey – whatever that looks like! 

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