3 Ways Technology Can Help You CrossFit From Home

Sun, May 17, 2020 at 9:55AM

3 Ways Technology Can Help You CrossFit From Home

When you’re looking for CrossFit gyms in Orlando, Lake Mary or Windermere, CrossFit WaterSide is the place to be! Of course, while staying safe at home, our gym routines are all temporarily changed—but that doesn’t mean you have to forego a high-energy workout and connection with your fellow fitness friends.

During these times, technology can keep us connected to the people and passions we care about most, including CrossFit. Read on as we share a few simple ways your smartphone or computer can help you keep up an active lifestyle from home.

Take advantage of online workout classes

Missing your go-to workout classes? We miss you too! And you’re not alone—fortunately, though, you can still enjoy the experience from home. You can participate in a home workout with CrossFit WaterSide over YouTube, for example, and also find a helpful list of daily workouts on our website. Even as you stay safe at home, you can learn something new and keep up your fitness momentum with ease!

Brush up on your technique—or pick up something new

In addition to online workouts with CrossFit WaterSide, there is a wealth of resources online—from how-to articles, to videos showcasing different techniques in detail, to fun dances that supplement your normal routine and much more. You have a world of fitness inspiration at your fingertips, so explore and learn something new every day! Sometimes, even the simple practice of watching a favorite fitness personality or vlogger share their routine online can help you gain motivation to keep up with your own goals.

Stay connected and stay accountable

Whether you stay connected with a simple phone call check-in, or actively work out with others over video chat, your smartphone or computer can help you stay accountable on your fitness journey—plus, exercising with a friend is simply more fun! Share messages of encouragement with the ones you love, and ask for advice and support when you need it, too. We’re all in this together, and navigating your at-home fitness routine with the help of handy technology can make the switch to a home-based workout schedule that much more enjoyable.

(Of course, it’s about more than the workouts themselves—here at CrossFit WaterSide, for example, we even host virtual trivia and game nights so that our community can come together and have some fun from home!)

We hope that these ideas help you stay connected and enjoy a fulfilling fitness routine from the comfort of home—and of course, we can’t wait to see you again soon.

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