5 Healthy Habits for Home Workouts (and Beyond)

Thu, May 21, 2020 at 10:04AM

5 Healthy Habits for Home Workouts (and Beyond)

When it comes to CrossFit, Orlando, Lake Mary and Windermere athletes know they can turn to CrossFit WaterSide for a serious workout and welcoming community. As we work out from home for now, there are still many opportunities for those looking to achieve an active routine, improve their technique and build healthy habits that last long beyond the era of social distancing! Take a look.

Take time to reflect

The disruption of a workout routine can difficult—but you’re not alone! From your friends at CrossFit WaterSide, to fellow fitness enthusiasts around the world, you are in good company as you work to navigate your new routine. One healthy habit you can start right now (and carry with you long after you return to the gym) is the practice of regular reflection on your fitness goals and methods. May is National Recommitment Month, after all, making now a great time to assess your intentions from earlier this year and see how far you’ve come, or to consider pursuing a new workout plan. You can keep track of your thoughts in a fitness journal and revisit it from time to time to see how you feel about each step of your CrossFit journey!

Stay hydrated

If you’re spending more time at home, you may find it easier to stay hydrated throughout the day—after all, cool, refreshing water and your favorite bottle or glass are just steps away! By picking up a healthy H2O habit today, you may find that regular hydration remains an effortless part of your routine, even after heading back to work or school.

Find your ideal workout time

Find yourself with some extra time on your hands? If so, use it to discover an ideal workout time. Experiment with early morning sessions or evening exercise to see what you prefer, and then stick to it in the future for the ultimate, custom-suited workout routine.

(Tip: When you return to working out here at CrossFit WaterSide, you’ll be happy to discover that there are class options for early birds and evening owls alike! Find your fitness groove now and keep up the momentum far into the future.)

Stay fit with a friend

Now more than ever, we recognize the importance of connection. Now is a great time to schedule weekly video chat-workout sessions with a friend, or virtual walks with a family member. Even if you’re moving in different places, you will still be able to enjoy the benefits of connection and accountability. Plus, when you do return to the gym and other public workout spaces, you can keep up the weekly meetings in person as a way to maintain the momentum and stay connected with someone you care about!

Be resourceful

As you work out at home, you may not have access to all the equipment and resources you’re used to—but the fitness fun doesn’t have to stop. By being resourceful by using whatever equipment you have access to (or even using no equipment at all), you can gain a new appreciation for all aspects of your fitness routine.

We hope that these ideas help you hone healthy habits while working out at home and beyond.

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