Diet Tips During The Holidays

Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 10:55PM

Diet Tips During The Holidays

This time of year can be challenging to eat nutritiously due to all of the holidays. Let’s keep these tips in mind!

  1. The holiday is one day only. It’s okay to enjoy the holiday fully but don’t let it become an entire week of eating all the things.
  2. Focus on savoring each bite. This will slow down your eating and this make it a bit easier to not overeat.
  3.  Use the extra food you may indulge in to get in gym and fuel your next workout. No punishing yourself for enjoying your holiday!
  4. Above all, remember to eat foods that fuel your body well, enjoy the holiday with family and friends and don’t stress it, and keep getting your workouts in!

See you in the gym!



Coach Kristen

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