Go Stretch

Thu, Apr 09, 2020 at 11:40AM

Go Stretch

We all know stretching is good for us, but when it comes down to finding time to do it, it somehow gets missed. Well, lucky for most of us COVID-19 has given us tons of time to get limber. One of the best things about stretching is you don’t need any equipment to get it done. So, while you’re watching NETFLIX, or after you wake up from your second nap you can give your body some love by stretching. Here are some of the best benefits of stretching:


    Increase Flexibility

Okay, the first one is pretty obvious, but also super important. This can improve your posture, prevent “text neck”, and even make overhead squatting more comfortable. True story.


    Improves Recovery

This is HUGE! Especially if you are using your extra time to  get in extra workout sessions. Stretching can increase your blood flow and improve circulation, so that your muscles can repair faster.


    Stress Relief

When you are going through any type of stress (mental, physical, emotional) your muscle tense up. Holding all that tension all day can reduce circulation, “stiffen” up muscles, and cause you to produce more cortisol. Stretching can release that tension and allow you to relax better.


    Gives Time For Reflection

On the off chance you aren’t binge watching The Office, you can take this time to do some kind of mindfulness practice. This, in some cases, can help you stay positive and purposeful.


    Improve Focus

With all that tension in your body your brain is working overtime to try and figure out how to keep the body comfortable and as healthy as possible. If you relieve all the tension in your body then your brain will have more attention to give other areas.

So put it in your calendar, put a note on the fridge, you can even tell one of your coaches to remind you, but make sure you lay out and stretch every single day!

-Coach Keith

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