Orlando Florida CrossFit: This Halloween, Enjoy Festive Fitness Fun

Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 1:55PM

Orlando Florida CrossFit: This Halloween, Enjoy Festive Fitness Fun

Passionate about fitness and your favorite fall holidays? Halloween offers you the perfect opportunity to embrace your spooky (or silly!) side as you enjoy your tried-and-true workout or attempt a new one. Just read on for a few of our top tips for celebrating this season, from your go-to Orlando Florida CrossFit destination, CrossFit WaterSide! Take a look.

Dress up for costumed CrossFit

For many of us, the best part of Halloween (next to candy, maybe) is fun, silly costumes! Combining a great costume with your CrossFit routine is a fun way to embrace your fit and festive site this Halloween. Pick a look that lets you stretch, flex, jump and lift with ease—for example, a retro homage to a 1980s workout fit is a great, splashy way to go! Pick a neon leotard, leg warmers and sweat bands for a complete 80s ensemble.

Try a spooky new workout

In addition to your go-to WOD, try a spooky, Halloween-inspired workout for the big day! We’ve seen zombie survival workouts that emphasize quick, intense movements for avoiding the “undead,” for example. You can also go with the classic spider plank to embody your favorite creepy crawlies this Halloween!

Enjoy Florida’s beautiful fall weather

Halloween happens to fall at a beautiful time for Sunshine State weather—when the outdoors tend toward the warm and sunny, with a gentle crispness in the air that makes for excellent outdoor workouts. Halloween is a great time to get in a neighborhood run before the trick-or-treaters roll in, or a visit to the beach for a new, challenging workout provided by the sand’s uneven terrain.

Carve a CrossFit pumpkin

If you need an idea for pumpkin carving this year, pay homage to your passion for fitness! Carve a silhouette of weights into your pumpkin, and call your creation “getting jack (o-lantern)ed.”

Trick-or-treat yourself

If you have a penchant for baking, Halloween is a great time to make your own festive treats that double as pre-workout fuel! There are countless recipes to choose from, such as protein-packed, no-bake pumpkin energy bars that are as sweet as they are satisfying.

This Halloween and all year long, opportunities abound for those who prefer to pair fun and fitness (and who doesn’t?). Here at CrossFit WaterSide, it’s a privilege to be a part of your holiday fitness festivities.

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