Keep Your Body and Mind Healthy: 3 Mental Exercises to Try

Tue, Feb 02, 2021 at 3:39PM

Keep Your Body and Mind Healthy: 3 Mental Exercises to Try

As your favorite Crossfit gym in Orlando and Lake Mary, we care about your overall health, not just your physical health! Mental health and physical health often correlate, so keeping your mind healthy can make keeping your body healthy a little easier. We get it – life can get crazy! And if you’re looking to be more proactive about your mental health, try these three exercises to strengthen your mind!

Step Outside the Box: Creative Outlets

From writing and painting to dancing and singing, creative outlets are a great way to exercise your mental health! Study after study has shown that creative outlets reduce anxiety and depression and boost happiness. While you may not be someone who thinks of themselves as a creative person, just finding something that you enjoy doing can help bring a wealth of positive impacts to your mental health!


Focus on Relaxation: Meditation

Meditation is a tool that many people use to relax, reflect, and improve focus. Whether you want to focus on your goals, practice patience or just give your mind a second to not think at all, meditation can be as simple as finding a quiet place away from distractions to just sit and think. There are many ways people meditate. From doing yoga to finding a peaceful place outdoors, whatever way you find relaxation, do that. Give your mind a break so it is ready to go for whatever adventures lie ahead!


Be Your Biggest Fan: Positive Self-Talk

It’s easy to think negative things about ourselves, but positive self-talk is a great way to break bad mental habits! Watch yourself for negative thoughts about your personality, body, strength or worth, and then say no to it. Reaching your goals physically will be a lot easier with a positive mental boost. Plus, science shows that thoughts become habitual, so make them positive – your overall health will thank you!

The bottom line is taking care of your mental health is important, and by trying out some of these exercises you might just notice an increased motivation and energy level that you can then take with you to your favorite Orlando and Lake Mary CrossFit gyms! While many people find working out their bodies therapeutic for the mind, finding what works for you is key. Whatever stresses and anxieties may come your way, know that you have a family here at Crossfit Waterside. And whatever your lifestyle or goals, we’d love to be a part of your fitness journey! Reach out today to see which programs may fit your lifestyle needs! 

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