Back to School with WaterSide’s CrossFit Gyms in Orlando and Lake Mary

Tue, Sep 22, 2020 at 1:55PM

Back to School with WaterSide’s CrossFit Gyms in Orlando and Lake Mary

It’s that time of year again! As students of all ages head back to school this fall, it is important that we work to maintain our fitness routines amidst the school day shuffle—and here at CrossFit WaterSide, our convenient CrossFit gyms in Orlando and Lake Mary make it easy to do exactly that.

Just read on to learn more about our solutions for students and their families!

Flexible hours for students and their families

Back-to-school season is a busy time of year for students and their families! If you’re a student yourself, or a parent looking for ways to get in a workout with your child’s school schedule in mind, our flexible class schedule helps you find a time that works for your unique needs. Rise and shine for a 6 a.m. WOD, or join after school and extracurriculars for a rejuvenating end to your day. Here at CrossFit WaterSide, you’ve got options.

Children’s playroom for your after-school session

Swinging by after your child’s school is out for the day? Our children’s playroom is the perfect option for younger kids who need a safe place to play while mom or dad work out!

Mind and body wellness

Endless studies show the connection between physical exercise and improved mental performance—a link that serves us well all year long but is especially worth celebrating during the school year! Maybe you’re a student looking for ways to refresh and recharge between work, school and study sessions; or maybe you’re a family member of a student who wants to find some mental breathing room between drop-offs, work and the extracurricular scramble! Whatever the case may be, our host of programs (including CrossFit, workout classes, yoga and other activities) is sure to serve you well.

Learn something new

This back-to-school season, there are abundant opportunities to learn something new—and you don’t even need to be a student to do it! Whether you take a workout class with us, or simply connect with our highly trained and educated professionals as you consider your own foray into fitness education, CrossFit WaterSide is the place to be this back-to-school season and all year long.

Here’s to a happy, successful school year ahead! For virtual students and in-classroom learners alike, CrossFit WaterSide has the solutions you and your family need to navigate the season ahead with ease.

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