Stay Warm During Your Winter Workout

Thu, Feb 06, 2020 at 10:19AM

Stay Warm During Your Winter Workout

Florida may be the Sunshine State, but we can still see brisk weather from time to time! For those who love a good workout no matter the weather, we’ve got you covered with tips on staying warm all season long.

Just read on for our simple suggestions to enjoy cool weather workouts between sessions at your local CrossFit Orlando, Lake Mary or Windermere gym! Take a look.

Stay dry after your workout

Sweat and cool weather don’t always mix, since it can make you feel even colder during and after your workout! To avoid this common problem, opt for moisture-wicking fabrics in your choice of workout clothes. For example, as you throw on your post-gym hoodie to run errands or grab a meal with friends, opt for a synthetic blend over your basic cotton to stay as warm and comfortable as possible.

Visit a new outdoor escape

On cold days, you may find that some of your favorite destinations—such as the beautiful beach—are a little less crowded than usual. Use this to your advantage and enjoy a workout in the sand. When done safely, jogging in the sand is a great way to work out with added resistance and surprise your muscles. At some local beaches, you can even book a bonfire to cap off a great day of fitness fun.

Stay hydrated

Here in Florida, hot days call for cool drinks of water—but so do the cold days! In fact, it’s especially important to stay hydrated during your winter workout because the pleasant weather may make you forget to drink up as frequently as you should. Fill up your go-to bottle and use it to fuel whatever the day may bring—then, enjoy some hot cocoa back at home!

Dress in layers

Florida weather is known for being hard to predict, and the same holds true for our winter days. A morning that starts in the brisk 40s and 50s can easily climb to the 70s or 80s by the afternoon! If you’re headed out for the day, dress in layers—think a go-to workout t-shirt or tank top under a light athletic hoodie—so that you can ditch the outer layer when the weather warms up. You’ll thank yourself later!

Enjoy an indoor workout

Of course, there will still be those chilly days when you crave a warmer workout—so skip the handwarmers and come to your local CrossFit WaterSide! Not only will you be able to cozy up indoors, but you will be able to enjoy the warm welcome that comes with our fitness community. From longtime friends to new ones searching for a fresh fitness routine, we can’t wait to see you this winter and all year long. Just call or visit us today to learn more.

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