5 Ways to Enrich Your Fitness Journey Beyond the Gym

Fri, Dec 06, 2019 at 8:52AM

5 Ways to Enrich Your Fitness Journey Beyond the Gym

When it comes to CrossFit, Orlando, Lake Mary and Windermere residents count on their local CrossFit WaterSide to deliver a fun, powerful workout—but how do you continue your fitness journey outside of the gym?

Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to keep up the momentum! Read on to see five of our favorites.

Enjoy fresh, good-for-you flavors

At its heart, fitness is all about your overall health—so your fitness journey includes both the workouts you do and the food you enjoy! Fuel your body with fresh, good-for-you flavors to keep up the positive work. In addition to keeping healthful staples on hand, you can sign up for a cooking class or pick up a cookbook to try new recipes that make your fitness journey that much more flavorful.

This is also a great time of year to visit a local farmers market and pick out fresh produce to use in smoothie bowls, protein-packed soups, colorful salads and more. Here in Central Florida, there are many options to enjoy, including the Orlando Farmers Market at Lake Eola, as well as the Lake Mary and Windermere farmers markets, too! Plus, these markets are as much about getting great food as they are about spending time with friends and enjoying a fun day out.

Speaking of which…

Connect with CrossFit friends

As you may have already realized, CrossFit can be a great way to connect with your local community! Our gym experience is designed to foster friendships that last long beyond the daily cool-down. Connect with friends who encourage your fitness journey and plan something fun to do beyond the gym, too, whether it’s fitness-focused (like a weekend jog, 5K or trip to the dog park!) or simply some quality downtime, like a delicious weekly dinner or trip the movies.

Learn more about fitness

If you’re someone who loves to read and learn new things, why not brush up on your fitness savvy? Students may turn to elective courses in kinesiology and other fitness-related fields, for example, while you can also learn more through books, articles and videos, too!

Opt for everyday fitness choices

To keep up your fitness journey beyond the gym, you can opt for everyday healthy choices while you’re at home or out and about. If you’re able, everything from choosing the stairs, to taking your pup on a longer walk, to gardening, to doing quick commercial-break calisthenics can add up to a powerful change!

Embrace mental fitness, too

Pair mental fitness and health with your physical workout for an overall wellness journey! No two journeys are the same, but some options that might be right for you include making time for reading, working with a therapist, learning more about meditation and more. Help your mind and body work together for fitness goals you can feel great about.

There are many gyms in Orlando, so what makes CrossFit WaterSide so special? Simple—we put you first, and aim to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere where you can really thrive (and have some fun, too!). Visit us today to learn more and get started. 

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