11 Ways to Make Fitness (More) Fun!

Tue, Oct 08, 2019 at 2:25PM

11 Ways to Make Fitness (More) Fun!

Finding an exercise you love is a great way to beat boredom and do something good for your mind and body, too! If you’re looking for ways to make your fitness routine a little less routine, just read on for a few fun suggestions.

Take part in a special event

Preparing for a special event gives you a great goal to work toward, as well as a lively community to engage with before and during the big day. Plus, it’s just pure fun! Here in Central Florida, for example, several local theme parks offer runs, races and marathons for all ages and skill levels to enjoy. And most of those happen when the weather is a little cooler, making them perfect for Sunshine State runners!

Workout with a friend

Friends make everything better, even a workout routine you already love. Invite a friend to the gym, a yoga session, or out for an enjoyable jog—or gather up the whole crew for a game of pickup soccer in the park! Furry friends can get involved, too. Head out to the dog park and run around with Fido and play some catch, or run around the neighborhood. For a fun day by the water, you can even find pet-friendly beaches to enjoy.

Enjoy some healthy competition

Who can do the most pull-ups in one minute? Who will make it to the tree over there fastest? Ever since we were kids, we’ve been testing each other with healthy, on-the-spot competition, and that doesn’t need to stop today. Turning your fitness routine into a game can make it all the more enjoyable when you need a good way to mix things up.

Exercise like a kid

Speaking of those old childhood traditions, embrace your inner child with the same exercises you enjoyed as a kid! Jump rope, dodgeball, or even a good-old-fashioned game of tag are all great ways to infuse your fitness routine with carefree fun. And we could all use some of that!

Find cinematic inspiration

Over the years, we’ve seen great feats of fitness in the movies, perhaps none more famous than Rocky and his run up the Philadelphia Museum of Art stairs! If you’re a movie buff and fitness fanatic, combine your two passions. Try a workout inspired by your favorite fitness montage scenes in the movies!

Explore a new environment

Spending time in a new environment can deliver a dose of fun and a fresh new outlook on things. Enjoy a hike through a natural escape you’ve never seen before, or take a trip to a new city and explore its unique fitness scene.

Curate a personal playlist

The right music can make all the difference! Have some fun putting together a personal playlist of music that makes you feel like dancing, or up-tempo tunes that serve as the perfect backdrop to long runs. You can make a different playlist for every mood or exercise—what you listen to as you do yoga, for example, may be very different from what you jam out to as you kick-box or lift!

Pick out some new gear

If you simply feel better—and more motivated—after picking out a new gym outfit or pair of running shoes, you’re not alone! These additions can make your routine feel fresh, new and exciting.

Go old-school

Workout trends have certainly changed over the years. Throw it back with a fun 80s-themed workout party, jam out to old fitness videos, or go thrifting for a vintage gym look. These activities are sure to make you laugh—and, perhaps, appreciate how far we’ve come throughout the decades!

Do exercise that’s not really exercise

Many of your favorite activities can be part of your fitness routine, without you even realizing it! Taking a staycation to explore a nearby city, working on DIY projects at home, or palling around with your furry friend are all everyday activities that keep you moving, which is always something to celebrate.

Mix up your workout

Mixing up your workout by cycling through different exercises, such as with the CrossFit WOD, doesn’t just keep your body from plateaued progress—it helps make your routine more fun and enjoyable, too, giving you a new challenge to look forward to every day.

Whoever said fitness couldn’t be fun, has never been to CrossFit WaterSide! Our community is all about embracing the fun and friendship that go hand in hand with fitness. Join us in Orlando, Windermere or Lake Mary to discover our one-of-a-kind experience for yourself.

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