5 of Our Favorite Hydrating Fruits and Veggies

Thu, Sep 05, 2019 at 3:25PM

5 of Our Favorite Hydrating Fruits and Veggies

If you love CrossFit and other kinds of exercises, you know the importance of staying hydrated! Usually that means reaching for your go-to water bottle—but did you know that you could gain powerful hydration from the food you eat, too?

While these fruits and veggies can’t replace the habit of drinking water, they can certainly supplement your hydration so that you reap the benefits of H2O throughout your day! Read on to see five of our favorite foods for refreshing hydration.


We start our list with an obvious H2O powerhouse, watermelon! Water’s in the name of this sweet summer fruit, and for good reason—it is made of 92 percent water, and delivers refreshing hydration in every bite. As the ultimate summer snack, watermelon is sweet enough to serve as dessert while being light enough to enjoy before or after a workout. Plus, it is packed with lycopene, a natural phytochemical that is responsible for the red coloring in watermelon and tomatoes. Not only does lycopene make watermelon look great, it also serves as an important antioxidant for fighting against free radicals and promoting cell health, so you can feel good about every fruity bite.


As another antioxidant-rich fruit, strawberries are easy to enjoy whole, or sliced up in a summer salad. Either way, they’re sure to be refreshing with a water content of 92 percent! Plus, this juicy berry actually comes with a delicious dose of vitamin C (even more per gram than oranges), which is an essential ingredient for any healthy diet. It boosts your immune system and promotes tissue health, too, which are big benefits for athletes as they work to train and recover!


Packed with 96 percent water, cucumbers are one of the most hydrating foods around. They are known for their fresh, earthy flavor, and go great on a salad or as a quick snack. (As a bonus, you can even use a couple of slices on your eyes post-workout—a spa staple, the hydrating cucumbers are sure to cool you down and help you recharge after a rigorous session.)


Carrots are an effortless snack, packed with about 88 percent water and a host of nutrients, including, most famously, vitamin A. One cup of chopped carrots has you covered for your suggested daily value, three times over! This vitamin supports healthy eyesight and a well-functioning immune system, to name a few big benefits.


Another powerful hydrator, iceberg lettuce is made up of 96 percent water, so it serves as a refreshing base for whatever salad mix-ins you may enjoy! Salads are a great way to complement protein picks like chicken or salmon, too, so you can savor a dose of refreshing H2O with your fuel for the day. (Tip: Soak lettuce in a bowl of ice water until you’re ready to serve, and you will enjoy an even crisper salad.)

Staying hydrated is key to a healthy body and success in all kinds of activities, from neighborhood jogs to CrossFit! If you’re looking for the perfect CrossFit destination in Central Florida, be sure to visit us here at CrossFit WaterSide. With locations in Orlando, Lake Mary and Windermere, we’re your neighborhood destination for all things active. Stay hydrated, and see you soon!

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