CrossFit Connection: Why We Love the Fitness Community

Thu, Feb 06, 2020 at 10:24AM

CrossFit Connection: Why We Love the Fitness Community

When you make connections with your fellow fitness lovers at our CrossFit gyms in Orlando, Lake Mary or Windermere, you are building meaningful friendships and setting yourself up for success!

Learn more about the benefits of immersing yourself in the fitness community below.

Support from someone in your same (workout) shoes

Whether you’re a student at a new school, or a professional switching fields, it always helps to have support from someone who understands the exciting challenges you’re facing. The same holds true for friends in the fitness community! Embarking upon a new workout routine, or working toward a specific goal—like an upcoming tournament or big race—feels so much more doable and exciting when you spend time with someone who has either done it before, or is doing it right alongside you.

This support can range from morale boosts on busy days, to practical advice on new techniques, recipes or whatever else you may be working on. When you have the support of a fitness community behind you, you will feel empowered to try new things and keep working toward your goals! In fact, in a study featured in the Journal of Social Sciences, it was observed that participants would tend to emulate the exercise behavior of their peers—so it only follows that by spending time around people who are working out and working toward their fitness milestones, you increase the momentum of your own journey, too!


Another important role of the fitness community is, of course, accountability. We all have those days when we feel too busy for our scheduled workout, but having friends at the gym gives you that much more reason to go anyway—because you’re not alone! As you and your group build each other up to do your best and reach new heights, you will all feel the benefits of being accountable to one another.

Friendship beyond fitness

Of course, your experience with the fitness community might start in the gym—but that’s rarely where it will end. Like any shared experience, the pursuit of fitness can bring us together and lead to lifelong friendships. So whether you’re catching a movie together, throwing together a potluck dinner or simply catching up with weekend fun, you can enjoy the benefits of being plugged into the fitness community around you!

Nothing brings people together quite like a challenging workout or new fitness routine! When you’re looking for ways to get more involved in the fitness community, CrossFit WaterSide is here to help. With three convenient locations throughout Central Florida, we’re your neighborhood destination for a warm welcome and lively fitness-focused atmosphere. Stop by and say “hi” today!

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