How to Swing Back into Your Fitness Routine with CrossFit WaterSide

Sat, Jun 27, 2020 at 8:30PM

How to Swing Back into Your Fitness Routine with CrossFit WaterSide

As your go-to CrossFit Orlando, Lake Mary and Windermere destination, we here at CrossFit WaterSide are excited to welcome you back for the fitness, fun and community you know and love! As we continue to provide a safe, comfortable gym experience for all, take a look at our top tips for swinging back into your fitness routine and having some fun along the way.

Embrace a positive outlook

Over the past few months, you may not have been following your usual fitness routine—and that’s ok! Whether you were shifting your schedule to care for kids and other family members, or simply took a break to reflect and recharge, everyone is coming from a unique situation and it’s important to be kind to yourself as you take the next steps toward resuming your fitness routine (or kick-starting a new one). What matters now is that you’re healthy and ready to get active in whatever form that takes, so embrace a positive outlook and slowly, steadily step into your new regimen.

Opt for a flexible routine

We are here and ready to welcome you back to CrossFit WaterSide, but feel free to make your routine flexible as you get back into the swing of things! For example, did you know that you can still enjoy at-home workouts through BoxTribe? Plus, you can still check out our at-home WODs on our YouTube channel for tips on technique or workout inspiration whenever you may need it. And of course, you can pair your regular CrossFit visits with other fun forms of exercise like jogging, yoga, or even regular family walks through the neighborhood. (Tip: All CrossFit aficionados know that strength and endurance is built up over time! If you’ve been taking things a bit more slowly over the past few months, feel free to gradually build up your fitness routine instead of picking up right where you left off. Safety is essential to any workout, after all—plus, with small, impactful active changes, you’ll be on top of your fitness game in no time. You’ve got this!)

Enjoy peace of mind where it matters most

At CrossFit WaterSide, our guests’ safety continues to be our top priority! Fitness is all about mind and body health, and we know that this fact has never been more important to our team and our guests. As always, you can count on us following the highest standards of safety and cleanliness in our gyms—plus, enacting additional measures like limited class sizes and asking our guests to register online so we can ensure the ideal environment for our visitors. It is our goal that these measures help keep you comfortable as you work out, enjoying total peace of mind as you swing back into your workout routine.

We hope that these tips help you pick up your fitness routine with confidence at every step of the way! At CrossFit WaterSide, we’re here to deliver challenging workouts and the community support that keeps you fueled for the road ahead.

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