5 Ways To Not Get Burnt Out on Your Fitness Journey

Thu, Mar 25, 2021 at 9:57AM

5 Ways To Not Get Burnt Out on Your Fitness Journey

It’s a tale as old as time: everyone experiences some sort of burnout at some point during their fitness journey. So, how do you avoid it or get back on track? At our Orlando CrossFit gyms, our years of expertise allow us to come equipped with tips and tricks to taking care of your stamina and motivation. Read on for 5 ways to not get burnt out on your fitness journey. 


Prioritize Recovery

It’s unavoidable – your body needs time to recover, so give it what it needs! Without allowing your body time to recover and refuel, your body will grow more and more fatigued, making workouts harder and making them not seem as appealing. Recovery is essential in keeping that motivation alive.


Switch Things Up

Doing the same workout every day not only becomes boring but also doesn’t challenge your body in the way it needs. Switching up your workout every time is a great way to keep things fresh and make sure your body isn’t getting too used to the same old thing. 


Fuel Your Body

In the same way recovery is incredibly important to keep your motivation strong, fuel for your body hydrates and restores. Not only should you be drinking enough water during your workout but you should also be giving your body the hydration it needs throughout the entire day, With the right food and water intake, your body will feel more energize and want to keep moving.


Schedule Cheat Meals

No one is a machine, which means we all need to treat ourselves sometimes. Rewarding progress is okay and cheating on your meals every now and then is actually more beneficial than many think. But the key is scheduling those cheat meals. When you plan your cheat meals ahead of time, you’re less likely to over-cheat.


Find a Soundtrack

Working out always seems to be easier with a soundtrack in your ears motivating you to keep moving. Avoid burnout and fatigue by finding what keeps you moving, like a podcast or music album, and switch that up every now and then so that soundtrack doesn’t get stale. Make yourself excited to listen to the newest release from your favorite artist or that new true-crime podcast episode, and do that while working out!


Burnout is sometimes unavoidable, but these tricks can help keep it out of your way for as long as possible. And when you do experience burnout, try out some of these tools to get yourself back on track. Your fitness journey is a marathon, not a sprint, so ensuring your body and mind are prepared and equipped for the long haul is essential to your success. And when you’re ready to kick things up a notch, come visit us at CrossFit Waterside!

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