Outdoor Fun & Fitness in Orlando, Lake Mary and Windermere

Thu, Mar 12, 2020 at 4:42PM

Outdoor Fun & Fitness in Orlando, Lake Mary and Windermere

Outdoor activity is the perfect supplement to your CrossFit routine! With so many beautiful excursions to enjoy near our CrossFit gyms in Orlando, Lake Mary and Windermere, there’s something for everyone to explore. Just read on as we share a few of our favorite ideas.

Farmers markets

The farmers market is one of our favorite Florida pastimes! Not only does this open-air shopping experience provide plenty of opportunities to find fresh fruit, veggies and other wholesome goodies, but it also gives us an excuse to enjoy some quality time outdoors—and that’s good for our health and overall fitness! For example, did you know that studies reveal a connection between mental health, overall functioning and stress relief, with increased time spend in green spaces? Plus, the more the merrier—these open-air spaces give us the chance to connect with friends who share our passion for fitness fun! A few of our favorite local markets include the Orlando Farmers Market at Lake Eola, the Lake Mary Farmers Market and Windermere Farmers Market! Many destinations are even pet-friendly, so bring along your pooch and share in the outdoor fun together.

Theme parks

Of course, Central Florida is also known as the de-facto Theme Park Capital of the World—but did you know these centers of fun and fantasy are also great places to get in a workout? A day of exploring your favorite theme park can add up to several miles of walking without you even realizing you’re exercising! Plus, all that movement is sure to help tone your muscles, too, so you can have fun and get fit all at once. We call that a win-win situation.

On-the-water fun

The Orlando, Lake Mary and Windermere area also offers plenty of opportunities for on-the-water fun! Our beautiful lake vistas are great places to explore by pedal boat—like the swans on Lake Eola, which you power with your legs, giving them a great mini-session—or even canoe or kayak! Paddling provides a serious arm and core workout, after all, all while giving you the chance to see your lush surroundings in an-up close, personal way. You might even take out a bigger boat for thrills on local spots like Lake Jesup or Lake Monroe! No matter where you go, these avenues of outdoor exploration help you stay cool, sightsee and enjoy some fun physical activity all at once.

The perfect blend of fun and fitness, these activities are great additions to your CrossFit lifestyle! We hope you enjoy them to the fullest, in addition to plenty of quality time at the CrossFit WaterSide nearest you.

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