How to Embrace Your Inner Early Bird with CrossFit

Thu, Feb 06, 2020 at 10:26AM

How to Embrace Your Inner Early Bird with CrossFit

The right morning routine can be pivotal to a great day—but how exactly do you achieve it? Just read on as we share a few of our tips for kicking off your day, CrossFit style!

Start the night before

Your journey to a smooth, successful morning routine begins before bed. If jumping out of bed to kick-start your day doesn’t come naturally to you (don’t worry—you’re not alone!), you may find it helpful to pack your gym bag ahead of time. In fact, some might even sleep in their gym clothes to help the habit set in! Another helpful step is to set your phone or alarm clock somewhere away from the bed, so that you have to get up to turn it off and are less likely to snooze away.

(Bonus tip: By sticking to a regular bedtime, even on the weekends, you will make it that much easier to wake up feeling fully rested!)

Get some H2O

Give your body the tools it needs to start the day recharged and refueled! One of these essential tools, unsurprisingly, is water. While many of us reach for our morning coffee before all else, beginning with a glass or two of water actually gives you the chance to replenish your body, rehydrate your brain and start breaking out of that morning fog. You can even set a glass or bottle by your bed at night, so you are reminded to drink up when you wake up.

Enjoy a nutritious breakfast

Working out on an empty stomach doesn’t give your body the fuel it needs to achieve the best possible performance, so be sure to enjoy a nutritious breakfast before heading out the door. What you eat can make all the difference to the success of your morning workout and, of course, the rest of the day. Opt for a meal of slow-burning carbohydrates (think oatmeal or brown rice), as well as a moderate amount of protein, to fuel up without feeling overly full.

Sign up for a class

A workout class is a great way to begin your day, especially since it removes some of the mental work for you—you just need to gear up, show up and give it your all, without wondering about what to work out or how long to spend on your routine. Here at CrossFit WaterSide, we offer regular classes in the morning so that you can begin your day in a powerful way! Just call us to learn more.

Go with a friend

Another great way to stay accountable, even when you’d like to roll back into bed, is to make plans to work out with a friend. Not only will this make you both more likely to get up and kick-start your day—but it gives you some social time, too, which can be hard to find on busy weekdays!

We hope that these tips help you begin every day with fuel, fitness and fun! When it comes to starting your day with CrossFit, Orlando, Lake Mary and Windermere early birds can head to the CrossFit WaterSide nearest them as early as 6 a.m. We can’t wait to see you for a great morning workout.

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