5 Ideas for Fitness Fun with Your Furry Friend

Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 8:36PM

5 Ideas for Fitness Fun with Your Furry Friend

When it comes to getting fit and having fun, your best workout buddy might just be your furry friend! If you already love the community at our CrossFit gyms in Orlando, Lake Mary and Windermere, you’re sure to enjoy workout activities beyond the gym, too, especially when they’re shared with a cute companion.

Just read on as we share five fun fitness activities to enjoy with your dog by your side!

Enjoy CrossFit fun at home

There may not be room for your dog to run around the gym, but there’s always a place for her at home! Any time you enjoy an at-home workout (either by following the WODs on BoxTribe or brushing up on your technique with our CrossFit WaterSide YouTube channel), invite your dog along for the fun. She may not understand the nuance of certain moves, but she can likely jump, roll and flex with the best of them! Don’t take our word for it—check out CrossFit pooches like Tesla the Mini Aussie on Instagram, a precious pup that earned Good Morning America’s “Pet of the Week” honor earlier this year for her impeccable burpee skills and other agile moves. 

Give Fido a lift

If your dog loves to be held, why not work him into your workout routine? Swap in Fido for your usual medicine ball or kettlebell, for example, and use his weight to provide added resistance as you do crunches or bicycle kicks. He gets some quality air time, and you get an even better workout—it’s a win-win situation!

Try doga

You can also incorporate your pup into your yoga routine (or “doga” routine) for a relaxing, restorative session. Whether your dog simply lies by your side as you practice and pose, or tries the moves herself, it’s a great way to enjoy some quality time with your pet while still continuing your fitness routine!

Go for a dog jog

What better jogging companion than your furry friend? Bring your dog along for a neighborhood jog or run for a great partner whose zeal for the great outdoors is sure to rub off on you—plus, you can both get in some serious cardio along the way.

Visit a local dog park

Looking for ways to safely explore outside the home? You’re not alone! Fortunately, there are plenty of great dog-friendly spots across Central Florida where you can spread out and social distance while still enjoying quality outdoor time with your pet. For a dog-friendly beach day, for example, Smyrna Dunes Park is a great place to soak in the sea breeze, play some catch and simply stroll around with your dog in a beautiful coastal environment. Or, stick to your backyard and have a day of outdoor fun with the frisbee and perhaps even a picnic (you can include dog treats alongside your regular picnic go-tos—just don’t mix up his food and yours!).

We hope that these ideas help you enjoy your fitness routine to the fullest! Regular activity with your pal can be a great supplement to your workout routine at CrossFit WaterSide, so swing by your local gym and see us soon.

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