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“How much do you want it”? We’ve all been asked that before, most likely, numerous times. I think it’s worth revisiting now. During this time of staying home and staying isolated, it can be very easy to get into habits that we wouldn’t otherwise allow ourselves to get into. Many of you have mentioned how working out has been difficult. You lack motivation. You aren’t prioritizing it. You don’t feel like it. The weights feel heavy. And so much more.
We get it! We totally do! We are even feeling some of those same things ourselves. However, just because we may not feel like it sometimes, doesn’t mean we should give up, roll over, and watch that next Netflix series. NO. We need to pick ourselves up and do what we know to do. Start moving, get going, get your body in a routine.
Do you have a goal for your time in quarantine? If not, lets’ set one. Perhaps it is to PR on Murph, or run 3 times a week, or be able to do 100 squats unbroken. Pick a goal that you can work at home and get to it. Use it as motivation.

The reality is that we won’t always feel motivated. On those days, you make yourself get up and get after it. You stay disciplined. Because you know you will feel better. Because you know you have goals to reach. That's the real difference maker. When the emotions and the desire fade, will you stay committed? Will you work hard no matter the obstacle? We know you can do it. We believe in you. And if you doubt that, reach out, we would love to help you. We’ve been there and we know how to help. We are on your team.

Coach Kristen

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