Just show up

Tue, Jan 05, 2021 at 11:10AM

Just show up

Not everyday at the gym is going to be a win. Some days, we will struggle with movements that we are typically good at. We will fail weights that we can hit alllll the time. Those moments can be very frustrating, but sometimes the hard part is just showing up.

2020 was real real rough. A lot of priorities been shifted, motivation may have gotten lost, and just getting to the gym has seemed like a huge struggle. Trust me, I feel it to!!

But every single time I don’t feel like showing up, and I do anyways - I never regret it. Regardless of how the workout goes, great or terrible, just showing up and putting in the work, makes me feel accomplished and motivated for the day. It helps me realize that even if my world is crumbling, there is one thing I can control and that’s my health and fitness. And to me, that’s a huge win!!

So, let’s rock this new year and let’s just show up!! Get it done, be there for each other and work hard!!

We got this y’all




Coach Em


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