That 2:30pm Feeling

Fri, Mar 20, 2020 at 1:10PM

That 2:30pm Feeling


 Are you getting enough sleep for days ahead of time? You cannot recover a bad night's sleep in one day so you need to consistently work on your sleep. Yes! Work on it. It’s not just something your body does; put time and effort into quality sleep (see our email a few weeks ago).


Are you having a large meal at lunchtime that consists of heavy carbs and lots of fats? Those meals will spike your blood sugar and then make you crash hard after they digest. That can lead to the sleepy feeling. Instead, focus on all of your meals being balanced throughout the day with lots of veggies. 



Oftentimes, we perceive our thirst to be hunger and sleepiness. It could be that you don’t consistently hydrate throughout the day and so you get sleepy and tired because you need water. Try to regularly sip on and consume water. I know some people that just chug it down in giant chunks. That’s not what your body really needs. It needs to be hydrated regularly throughout each day. 



Are you sitting at a desk all day? Get up and move around once an hour. Take a trip to the water fountain. Stand up and read that report. Get blood flowing regularly so you don’t get slumped over and fight sleep.

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